Saturation (Dip Coating)

Saturation (Dip Coating) Services

NCC’s saturation process can easily accommodate a wide range of process variables. We can design the right process for your product.

  • Hard squeeze or gentle wipe
  • Single pass or multi-dip
  • Fixed gap or applied pressure
  • Lightweight nonwoven or super heavy textile
  • Single component or compounded mix formulation
  • Water based or solvent based
  • Material widths to 72”
  • Process speeds to 150 feet per minute
  • Oven drying temperatures to 500F
  • In-line sheeting

Our saturation lines utilize multi-point process and equipment controls to ensure conformance and repeatability. We specialize in developing process solutions for maintaining a substrate’s physical integrity and shape.  We have extensive experience saturating woven and non-woven carbon substrates.

Let our experienced team customize chemistry formulations, process techniques, and testing procedures for your particular product.