Frequently Asked Questions

        • What if my substrate is not on NCC’s list of commonly used materials?
          Don’t worry. NCC has experience with a wide variety of materials – too many to list on our web site. Chances are we can process your material – and if not, we’ll let you know right up front.
        • Can NCC process silicone?
          No, our Thermal Oxidizer is configured in such a way that silicone leaves a residue that impedes air flow through the ceramic media.
        • Can NCC ship to international locations?
          Yes, we have many international customers and direct ship to many countries around the world.
        • Does NCC sell paint? Seal Coatings? Roof Coatings?
          No, we do not make or sell any type of paint. We do not manufacture coatings for sale. At NCC, we coat rolls of material specified by our customers. We provide contract coating services.
        • What is the maximum roll size NCC can handle?
          The maximum incoming roll size we can process is 60” diameter x 72” width and 4,000 pounds (based on unwind/rewind at full width).
        • Can NCC handle low wet strength materials?
          Yes, we have processes and methods to handle low wet strength materials.
        • Can NCC make custom mixes?
          Yes, NCC has the capability to custom compound mix formulations based on our customers’ requirements.
        • What kind of drying ovens does NCC have?
          We have horizontal ovens that vary in length between 100 ft and 120 Ft. Depending on the oven used, it has either 2 or 4 independent heating zones capable of temperatures to 500F.
        • What is the maximum treater speed?
          The maximum treater speed is 150 fpm.
        • Does NCC have in-line sheeting capabilities?
          Yes, we can sheet in-line.
        • What is the narrowest coil that can be slit from a master roll?
          The narrowest roll width that we can slit from a master roll is 2”.
        • Does NCC have a minimum order size?
          No, there is no minimum order size, but due to machine set-up time, smaller runs tend to be more expensive.
        • Can NCC break down rolls into smaller sizes?
          Yes, we have the capability to break down master rolls into smaller rolls/logs.
        • Does NCC have a tenter frame?
          No, NCC does not have this capability.