What Happens when Coating Chemistry Experts Meet Six Sigma

What Happens when Coating Chemistry Experts Meet Six Sigma


Six Sigma is known throughout the manufacturing world as a proven methodology for enhancing quality and establishing consistency in manufacturing and production. Originally created by Bill Smith at Motorola and implemented at General Electric by Jack Welch, Six Sigma provides guidelines and tools designed to promote a nearly error-free process.

Implementing Six Sigma in the Contract Coating Industry

National Coating Corporation (NCC) has trained every employee in Six Sigma methods and utilizes them to ensure the highest degree of quality control and the lowest possible number of errors when managing client projects and developing new coating and saturation techniques. Process results are reviewed by executive management on a weekly basis. This added level of oversight, along with the insights and contributions of the Six Sigma team, allows NCC to develop new and innovative processes and to respond effectively to the demands of this ever-changing industry.

Increased Consistency

Six Sigma tools offer significant advantages for chemical processes and coatings by ensuring consistency from start to finish. This can reduce variations and ensure the same high quality from the first drop of coating to the last, allowing NCC to deliver the most effective and consistent solutions for our clients.

Reduced Errors

In the coating and saturation industry, errors are costly and can cause serious delays and may result in safety issues. The Six Sigma processes put in place by NCC can reduce the risks of these events and provide customers with greater confidence.

Enhanced Quality

By implementing Six Sigma techniques into everyday workflows, NCC can reduce or eliminate imperfections that could mar coatings and limit the usability of components and products. This translates into improved quality and reduced costs to end users.

Results Driven

NCC can deliver the proven results your company needs to achieve its goals and position itself for success in a competitive marketplace. Call us today at 1-800-979-9332 to discuss how our Six Sigma methods can enhance productivity and profitability for your business.

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