4 Reasons NCC Is a Leader Within the Surface Coating Industry

4 Reasons NCC Is a Leader Within the Surface Coating Industry

National Coating Corporation has provided specialized surface coating for over 65 years. Our coating processes have enhanced the performance and increased the lifespan of components that are used across the globe every day in applications ranging from alternative energy and the automotive industry to aerospace and consumer products. 

So what has made us a leader in surface coating?

  • Truly tailored processes

Our processes are tailored to each particular material. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with 5 solvent and water capable coating lines. They have multi-point process and equipment controls that ensure 100% conformance and repeatability. 

  • Fully staffed research & development team

Our experienced research and development team determines chemistry formulations and processing techniques, as well as performance and quality testing procedures specifically designed for the substrate being coated.

  • Proven capability to meet exact requirements

We have a history of overcoming extremely technical challenges related to surface coating thanks to our ability to tightly control the application of fine particles, granules or chopped fiber onto the surface of any treated substrate — ideal for materials whose performance requirements depend upon surface composition more than the underlying substrate, and materials requiring high value additives at the working surface.

  • We are a partner in production

If you come to us without a clear idea of what processes and materials you need to achieve your desired end result, no worries. 

Our expertise is determining the optimal surface coating method for your product. Our technicians provide extensive testing and sample production, working hand-in-hand with our clients’ engineers to determine the best methods and materials for the job. We specialize in finding process solutions for your specific needs.

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If your production costs are too high, if your coating partner is unable to meet your quality or quantity requirements, or if you need help ensuring that your product is being developed in the most cost-effective manner possible, National Coating Corporation can help.

Since 1951, we have been not only a production partner, but a part of our clients’ supply chains and a key ingredient in their success.

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