National Coating Corporation customizes its solutions to any specification you require. Such solutions are always based on the four main pillars of our expertise and experience.

Technical Capabilities
NCC offers custom coating and saturation services. We are an innovator in processes and a thought leader in industries we work in. We are your production partner. Part of your supply chain. Part of your success.
Technical Specialties
NCC offers unique technical capabilities: post-coating particle application, handling of solvents, mixing of particles and solvents, surface sanding of rolled products, and can process difficult-to-handle materials such as carbon and aramid.
Quality Processes
NCC offers complete process control. We work with any standard that you require and use six sigma led quality improvement for ongoing, worry-free contract manufacturing.
Value Added services
NCC offers additional services: supplier selection and management, post production processing and inspection, R&D collaboration, labeling, packaging and shipping.

How can we help?

National Coating Corporation uses a structured approach to help you with your coating, saturation and contract manufacturing requirements. We always prefer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement early on for your protection. Our process is set to, subject to availability of specifications and technical information, progress from first contact to production-ready in four steps:

Step 1 – Match your capability requirement

In discussions with you and your technical and product specialists, we assess the possibility of matching NCC’s capabilities to your requirements. Besides technical assessments, this step also includes crucial items such as identification of lead times, budgets and production costs.

Deliverable: Confirmation of capability, or referral to a third party that can help

Step 2 – Define the product specification

Using coating and substrate samples, we will perform lab work and produce some product samples for your evaluation, so you can assess and analyze that the product meets your specifications.

Deliverable: Product specification sheet, including estimated pricing

Step 3 – Trial Runs

During this period, we will run larger quantity trials to assess how production works, output should be usable product for you. It enables us to fine-tune production, material purchasing, ordering and delivery.

Deliverable: Trial report, definitive pricing, usable product

Step 4 – Contract and commence production



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