Contract Coater vs. In-House Coating

Contract Coater vs. In-House Coating
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When you require custom coating services, it can be tough to decide whether to hire a contract coater or to handle the coating yourself in-house.  In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the main reasons for using a contract coater and then compare contract and in-house coating.

Main Reasons to Use a Contract Coater

Manufacturers often turn to contract coaters for custom coating services for two main reasons:

1 – They need assistance with the research and development of new coated products that are only partially developed. The coating partner will typically complete the product design phase for them. This phase usually includes lab and bench scale formulation and testing, analysis and troubleshooting, the development of specifications, raw material quality control, and small scale coating trials.

2 – They already manufacture coated products, but require additional coating capacity, higher quality coating, or a coating provider in a specific geographic area.

Contract Coater vs. In-House Coating

Here are some key considerations when determining whether to use a contract coater or to handle the coating work in-house:

Capital Investment – Manufacturers who don’t already have coating capabilities will need to make a substantial capital investment in specialized coating equipment lines. When using a contract coater, there will be some upfront costs, but not the same substantial investments that purchasing and setting up your own equipment would require.  With contract coating, the costs of the coating are typically passed on in product costs.

Space – When doing your own custom coating, you will have to make space or add space to your existing facilities for the new coating lines. You may also require lab space if you plan to do your own product testing. Space is not an issue when you use a contract coater.

Labor – When doing custom coating in-house, you will have to hire and train new staff, even if you automate some processes. With an experienced contract coater, the coating work will be performed by experienced workers who are experts in coating applications, but you won’t have to worry about hiring or training them.

Technical Expertise – If custom coating technology is new to your business, then you will have a large learning curve. Whereas, you can find a contract coater that already has expertise and experience with the custom coating applications used in your industry.

Hazardous Chemicals – Many coating applications require materials that must be stored and tracked carefully due to government regulations. When you rely on a contract coater, they handle any hazardous chemicals as well as the related paperwork so you don’t have to worry about it.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we cover some key things you should consider when choosing a contract coater.

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