National Coating Corporation’s processes enhance the performance and lifespan of materials. Components made from materials we’ve processed are used worldwide every day in automotive, commercial, aerospace, alternative energy, industrial and consumer products, among others.

Surface Coating

NCC uses surface coating processes tailored to each particular material. We are equipped with five solvent and water capable coating lines and have multi-point process and equipment controls to ensure conformance and repeatability.

Our experienced research and development team determines chemistry formulations and processing techniques, as well as performance and quality testing procedures specifically designed for the substrate being coated.

We also offer the controlled application of fine particles, granules or chopped fiber onto the surface of any treated substrate. This process is ideally suited for materials whose performance requirements depend upon surface composition more than the underlying substrate, and materials requiring high value additives at the working surface.

Our expertise is determining the optimal coating method for your product – we specialize in finding process solutions for your specific needs.

Saturation Services

NCC specializes in saturation services for all types of materials. Our equipment can process low wet strength materials as well as materials subject to deformation and shrinkage. Our capabilities include the saturation of individual sheets or parts.

Our experienced technical team determines chemistry formulations, processing techniques, performance and quality testing procedures, as well as the required parameters for all saturation processes. We specialize in developing process solutions for maintaining a substrates’ physical integrity and shape.

To ensure saturated substrates meet our customers’ requirements, we have multi-point process and equipment controls to insure conformance and repeatability. All of our processes conform to EPA standards.


NCC’s solvent and water capable coating and saturation services are designed to accommodate a wide range of substrate materials and sizes. This flexibility gives our customers a single source with the ability to convert their entire range of products.

NCC processes a wide variety of substrates, a few of which are listed below. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements!

Textiles / Woven Fabrics


Wet laid Non Wovens / Papers


Felts / Films / Foams

  • WOOL


NCC offers a range of support services to facilitate your coating and contract manufacturing requirements effectively.


  • Large warehouse space to support inventory requirements
  • Cold room storage for perishables
  • Drum, tote and tanker quantity storage capacity to fit any production requirement


  • Mixing and compounding capabilities
  • Controlled deposition of particles/powders on treated surface

Post production

  • Sheeting, slitting and packaging
  • Roll-to-roll sanding
  • Private labeling

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