BMW Coating Eats Light and Hides Edges

BMW Coating Eats Light and Hides Edges
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Cars have a lot of moving parts, some of which require specialized coatings to prevent friction and preserve their lifespan. At National Coating Company (NCC), our expertise is determining the optimal coating method for your product. We specialize in finding process solutions for components and parts in engine block cylinders that require highly specialized coatings.

In fact, NCC customizes its solutions to any specification you require based on the four main pillars of our expertise and experience:

  •     Technical capabilities
  •     Quality processes
  •     Technical specialties
  •     Value-added services

Speaking of coatings… have you seen the 2020 BMW X6 painted in Vantablack? While we don’t do exterior coatings at NCC, we can certainly appreciate the blackest black exterior color we have ever seen: Vantablack.

How black is it?

Standing for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, VANTA is a matrix composed of microscopic bits of carbon creating a black so black you have to see it to believe it. Rather than reflecting light as normal finishes on cars do, it absorbs the light and turns it into heat. We’re not sure how awesome that will be in the summer, but BMW probably has a plan for that.

Vantablack was actually designed to be a coating for space-born components. It has even been used to block out sunlight on deep-space camera lenses so they have a better shot of catching a look at distant stars and galaxies.

The effect

Rendering the car somewhat of a safety hazard while on the road is the odd effect the paint has on the X6. It appears to be completely flat. The Vantablack erases three-dimensionality completely from the SUV’s design. It isn’t really erased – viewing the car in other colors proves that without a doubt – but somehow this blackest of blacks hides the curvy sides, rippled hood, and duck tailed rear liftgate from view giving the illusion you are staring into an abyss.

Of course, this darkness only highlights the X6’s laser headlights, LED taillamps, and sleek light-up kidney grilles in such a way that they seem to float around the car, dramatically suspended in space.

Where can I get my BMW X6 in Vantablack?

Unfortunately, this is one exterior coating that is just for show, and BMW is not likely to offer this color on their production lines anytime soon. Despite the sleek look, and aesthetic appeal of the BMW V6 painted in Vantablack, the actual practicality of driving it, especially at night, will keep this particular black to be featured only at car shows.

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