nano coating keeps leather clean prevents stickiness
Nano Coating Keeps Leather Clean and Prevents Stickiness

Picture this: you are driving your car on a hot summer day and ...

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nanotube coating equips fabrics with smart motion technology
Nanotube Coating Equips Fabrics with Smart Motion Technology

It’s safe to say that the future is “smart.” We have smart watches, ...

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contract manufacturing pros cons
Contract Manufacturing: Pros & Cons

What is Contract Manufacturing? As defined by Bizfluent, “Contract manufacturing is a form of ...

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new coating from navy allows submarines glide through water
New Coating from the Navy Could Improve How Submarines Glide Through Water

Submarines may soon be able to travel through water at increased speeds while ...

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new coating makes fabrics waterproof
A New Coating Can Make Natural Fabrics Waterproof

A team at MIT has made a fascinating discovery: a new coating that ...

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new hybrid coating
New Hybrid Coating Transports Nanorobots

Imagine a new hybrid coating that carries microscopic multifunctional nanorobots that can swim ...

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medical device coating
New Medical Device Coating Loaded With Potential for the Health Care Industry

Researchers at the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering have developed a new ...

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coating process
What Should I Expect When Developing a Coating Process?

What Should I Expect When Developing a Coating Process for My Product? Because we ...

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paper paperboard coatings
Why the Paper and Paperboard Coatings Market is Thriving

Based on a new report from Smithers Pira, the paper and paperboard coatings ...

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conductive coating
New Conductive Coating Could Quickly Advance Flexible Electronics

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a new conductive coating that could ...

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contract coating company
6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contract Coating Company

As a follow-up to our last blog Contract Coater vs. In-House Coating, we’re ...

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contract coater
Contract Coater vs. In-House Coating

When you require custom coating services, it can be tough to decide whether ...

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Gel Electrospinning: New Method for Producing Better Nanofibers

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new way ...

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