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Solvent Based Coating Services

Solvent Based Coating ServicesAt National Coating Corporation, we provide solvent-based coating services, applying solvent-based coatings to foam, paper, woven fabrics, non-wovens and film substrates using knife coating or saturation techniques. National Coating Corporation is one of a small number of converters able to offer these services.

We have major investments in capital equipment for VOC incineration, which allows us to process and handle solvents while meeting current and future EPA standards. Our investment in these standards allows you to make assurances to stock-holders, customers and regulators that your products are manufactured in compliance with environmental standards

Equipped with five solvent-based coating lines, we handle coating, slitting, and sheeting of substrates up to 80” in width. Solvent-based coatings can be applied on substrates that weigh up to 60 oz per square yard. All coated substrates are subject to inspection and other tests to check physical as well as performance properties. We also perform other client-specified tests on request. Multi-point temperature recorders, speed controls, and tension recorders at our facility ensure process controls are in place for quality results. Gamma and beta gauges are also available to monitor results.

A majority of our success stems from repeat business based on orders from satisfied customers who feel we can do the job better and at lower costs than they can do for themselves.

Warehousing of finished goods and JIT delivery services are also offered.

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Company Advantages

Competitive or Better PricesNational Coating's years of experience and specialized, modern facilities allow us to custom treat at very attractive prices. As a result, most of our work is repeat business based on orders from satisfied customers who feel we can do the job better and at lower costs than they can do for themselves.
No Minimum QuantitiesNational Coating will treat any size order. Service is our business and small orders are handled just as efficiently and economically as our larger orders.
Fast TurnaroundNational Coating can complete and ship orders on extremely short time cycles, making your own scheduling that much easier.
Trial RunsWhen appropriate, National Coating will carry out trial runs at a nominal minimum charge. Such trial runs have proven to be a worthwhile investment, your best assurance that we can do the job to your specifications, and that the finished material is suitable for the application you have in mind.
Private Labeling.National Coating is organized to package your product with your label and drop ship to your customers at no additional cost to you. National Coating's business is based on repeat orders from our satisfied customers. Because we are a specialized treater and converter, many of our customers look to us as if we were an in-house operation and a better alternative for controlling costs.

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Substrates ProcessedFoams
Woven Textiles
Nonwovens (Wet and Air Laid)
Coating MethodsKnife
Mayer Rod
Process ParametersSubstrate widths up to 80"
Substrate weights from 1 ounce to 60 ounces per square yard
Equipment List(3) 2-zone 100' Gas Fired Ovens
(2) 4-zone 120' Gas Fired Ovens
5 Coating Lines
Piece Processing
Tenter Frame Drying
Facilities70,000 Square Foot Coating and Saturation Facility
South Warehouse
Maintenance Area
Tote Storage
Mixing Room
Tank Farm
Product Test Lab
Production VolumesCustom Treat Any Size Order
Environmental SystemEquipment for VOC Incineration to Meet Current and Future EPA Standards
Additional ServicesJust In Time” Delivery
Product Testing

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Quality Policy and Standards

Quality CertificationsISO 9001-2000
Quality PolicyIt is the policy of National Coating Corporation to supply our customers with products and services that meet their requirements and expectations.
Quality System
  • Reliable processes which meet our customer's quality and delivery requirements
  • Open communication channels within National Coating and with our customers and suppliers
  • Continuous improvement in all business activities
  • An environment of employee involvement, motivation and training
Quality Standard
  • The actual quality requirements are determined, on a case-by-case basis with each customer so that they are appropriate for the individual material, its use and application. This can include everything from 100% visual inspection of substrates to a wide range of testing of physical and performance properties.
  • We have state-of-the-art monitoring and control equipment such as Gamma and Beta gauges for controlling coated basis weight, multi-point temperature recorders, speed controls and tension recorders. We generate SPC data on all critical properties, maintain a comprehensive record keeping and sample retention program, and provide certification on request.

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Processed Goods

Carbon FabricTreated for use in fuel cells and automotive applications.
Kraft PaperImpregnated with phenolic resins for paint rollertubes, and othertubes requiring resintreated paper. National coating has also treated kraft paper for use in the building and furniture industries.
Gasket MaterialsIncluding release and adhesive treated for automotive, marine and off-road vehicles and equipment.
Friction MediaTreated with phenolic resins for use in clutch facings, brake linings, and other laminating applications.
Non-woven SpecialtiesSpecialties treated with applicable resins for air, hydraulic, and oil filters.
Woven Glass and ClothSaturated or coated to your specifications in applications such as textile equipment and printed circuit boards.
Glass MatSaturated or coated for the roofing, flooring and wall paper industries.
Cotton and PaperSaturated with phenolic epoxy or polyester resins for the laminating industry.

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Additional Information

Industries ServedAutomotive
ApplicationsFuel Cells
Paint Rollertubes
Woven Glass and Cloth
Non-Woven Specialties
Wall Paper
R & D PartnershipOur technical staff is a resource to our customer base, and the overwhelming majority of our contracts involve product development partnerships that determine coating chemistry formulations, processing techniques, performance and quality testing procedures and parameters.

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